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  VPN2016 - FAQs about VPN
FAQ's about VPN
  • What exactly is a VPN??

    A VPN (Virtual Private Network) gives you an encrypted tunnel between two computers on the Internet. Once a VPN is established, all incoming and outgoing traffic between the two hosts are encrypted. It therefore encrypts not only your web browsing, but also your email, skype, VoIP etc and most importantly, your ISP or anyone for that matter, cannot log, view, or control your Internet activity whatsoever. From the perspective of websites and other services on the Internet, when you are connected to the VPN your traffic will appear to originate from the VPN server. Therefore, if you connect to a UK VPN server your IP address will appear to be a UK IP address. Your actual IP address and location will be completely hidden and impossible to determine.This results in a highly secure internet experience, which give you total privacy online and if you are in an area where you have restrictions of access give you the ability to work around these geographical block.

  • Why do I need a VPN?

    There are many very good reasons to use a VPN! Most people use a VPN to protect their online activity from the prying eyes of their ISP and other organisations that have an interest in recording your Internet activity for whatever reason. Privacy minded individuals believe they have the right to control who has access to their personal data and a VPN gives them that control. Many countries censor content and services and a VPN service will enable you to bypass these restrictions. Some companies limit content to a geographical region and a VPN service allows you to appear to be within that geographical region. If you use your PC at WiFi hotspots, hotels, or other public networks your connection is very susceptible to eavesdropping. A VPN will encrypt this traffic.

  • Why is a VPN better than a proxy?

    A VPN is far more secure and reliable. A VPN will encrypt all your online activities while a proxy will only encrypt your web browsing. Proxy services are extremely easy to setup by virtually anyone, including hackers and criminals.

  • Where and when should I use my VPN service?

    You should use your VPN whenever and wherever you wish to have an added layer of security and privacy. All VPN services have a very small impact on the speed of your Internet connection, so the only reason to ever not use a VPN is at times when you need all the speed you can get. Individuals who value their privacy should be connected to the VPN whenever they are online. Customers based in countries which censor applications such as Skype or Facebook will also generally want to be connected whenever they are online. If you are travelling or if you use Wireless Hotspots, you must use the VPN to secure your connection against eavesdroppers.

  • What kind of support do you offer?

    All customers have access to our live help.Live Help enables you to chat to someone immediately and gain assistance within normal European working hours.

  • I am in a country or location that monitors, blocks or censors the Internet Will your service work for me?

    We offer PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN. We do not know of any countries which openly ban all of these protocol but we also offer OpenVPN servers running on TCP port 443 which are indistinguisable from normal HTTP over SSL traffic so you should not have any problems.

  • Will this VPN service unblock Skype, Vonage, and other VoIP services if they are blocked in the country in which I am located?

    Yes. We have customers that use services such as Skype, Vonage, MSN etc everyday and we have not experienced any problems so far.

  • Is not my firewall and anti-virus software enough to protect me?

    No, firewall and anti-virus software do nothing to protect your privacy whilst surfing online.

  • Why should I choose VPN2016 for my VPN services?

    Privacy protection is our passion. We truly value your choice to take control of your data and are dedicated to using all our knowledge to provide you with a network that is as secure, reliable and as fast as possible. Our team has lots of experience, ensuring that we understand how to best guard your online privacy. We also pride ourselves on our excellent support team that can solve any problems you have within a realistic time frame.

  • Why should I trust VPN2016?

    Good question! We aim to be as transparent as possible about who we are and what we do. We hope that based on the information within this website you feel that we take our business very seriously. Privacy, especially online privacy protection is part of our philosophy and we invest everything we have into it.

  • Is this service legal?

    Yes, this service is completely legal. VPNs have been used globally by businesses and individuals alike for many years. Using a VPN simply provides added protection and security to your current Internet connection.

  • Does VPN2016 monitor or log user activity?

    We do not monitor or store logs of any user activity. We have no interest in your online activity whatsoever. However, we may at times collect diagnostic information such as server usage figures. The information is completely anonymous and allows us to use the data to create a better customer experience. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

  • Do you share my information with any other company?

    We absolutely do not share any of your personal information with any other companies. We exist to protect your personal information, not distribute it.

  • Do you support torrents and P2P services?

    VPN2016 Not allows the use of torrents and P2P

  • What kind of encryption are you using? Can it be cracked?

    All OpenVPN , L2TP/IPSec and SSTP servers use 256 bit AES encryption. AES is a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standard adopted by the U.S. government. 256 bit keys are sufficient for encrypting 'Top secret' classified information, the highest classification within the U.S. government. Breaking a symmetric 256 bit key by brute force requires 2128 times more computational power than a 128 bit key (PPTP). A device that could check a billion billion (1018) AES keys per second would require about 3*1051 years to exhaust the 256 bit key space!

  • Can my ISP / Employer/ School / Government see where I go and what I do online?

    They certainly can if you are not using VPN2016 Once you are connected to VPN2016,the only information that anyone can determine is that you are connected to a VPN through an encrypted connection. They cannot see where you go or what you do when youre online.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept PayPal and all major credit cards through the Paypal gateway (You do not need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card). If you have any issues with this we also offer a Stnding order service.

  • Do you offer free trials?

    Yes, but this is not a full trial, there are restrictions of use to protect ourselves, if you are interested in a Free Trial simple send us an email.

  • How do I get an VPN2016 account? Are accounts activated instantly?

    simply click on the Buy Now button within the site . Once payment has been received your account will be verified for fraud purposes, once this process is concluded your activation email will be sent.

  • How fast are your servers? Will the VPN slow my internet connection down?

    Any VPN service will have an impact on the speed of your Internet connection, however we have invested in the fastest servers in the industry and placed them in strategic locations to minimize latency and increase maximum throughput. In most cases, you shouldonly notice a minimum effect from being connected to the VPN. Your speed will be based on a range of factors such as the distance from yourself to the VPN server, the time of day, how many users are logged on at the same time and if your ISP block any international connections.

  • Where are your servers located?

    VPN2016 has servers currently in the USA. by connecting to these server you will get the best speeds as all VPN connections reduce in speed over distance.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of bandwidth I can use?

    We currently do not impose any bandwidth restrictions.

  • What speed ADSL or Broadband is recommended?

    There is no recommended or minimum speed. If your current connection is fast enough to do whatever you wish to do whilst connected to the VPN, then you should be fine.

  • Can I use VPN2016 from more than one computer?

    Yes, however you may not have more than one connection active at a time. Therefore if you wish to have access to the VPN with two devices simultaneously then you would need two separate subscriptions.

  • Do I need an existing internet service to connect to VPN2016?

    Yes, you need to have an active working Internet connection with your Internet service provider. The VPN4Safety network operates on top of your current Internet connection.

  • Do you offer alternate ports in case the usual VPN ports are blocked?

    Yes, if UDP is blocked you may connect to all our servers on TCP port 443.

  • What operating systems does VPN2016 support?

    VPN2016 has solutions for the following operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32 and 64 bit) Mac OSX Linux Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) Android

  • Is the service compatible with mobile device platforms?

    Yes, we offer PPTP and L2TP/IPSec for Android and Appple iOS based devices.

  • Is the VPN easy to set up? Will it slow down my computer?

    Most of our users are up and running within 5 minutes of make payment. Depending on the devise you are installing on depends on the setup process, we have tried to make this as easy and clear as possible, please see information on our set up page.

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