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VPN2016 Anonymous VPN Service
VPN Set Up Instructions



1. Open the System Preferences window on your computer.


2. Click on the "Network" icon under the heading "Internet & Network".


3. Unlock the network configuration by using your personal admin details and then click on "OK"


4. Click on the Add button (+)


5. Set the "Interface" as VPN, VPN Type as PPTP and type in VPN4Safety in the "Service Name:" field. Then click on "Create".


6. Configure your VPN according to the screen shot below. See Welcome Email for server address and Enter your VPN4Safety account username. Then click on the "Authentication Settings" button.


7. Choose Password option and type your Account Password. Then click on "OK" and push the "Advanced..." button.


8. Tick all the check boxes in "Session Options" and click on the "OK" button.


9. Close your Network Configuration window. Right click on the VPN icon in the top system tray and choose "Connect VPN (PPTP)".


10. To reconnect to this VPN service right click on the VPN icon in the top system tray and choose "Connect VPN (PPTP)".
You are now connected to a secure VPN4Safety server.

VPN2016-Standard Connection PPTP Instruction's Setup For Mac-OS
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