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VPN Set Up Instructions



1. Open the Control Panel on your computer, choose "Network and Internet" and then "Network and Sharing Center".



2. Click on "Setup a new connection or network".





3. Select "Connect to a workplace" and then click on the "Next" button.



4. Click on "Use my Internet connection".



5. Now enter  VPN server addresses that we've provided you (in the welcome email) with in the "Internet address" field, then enter "VPN4Safety" in the "Destination name". Click on the "Next" button.



6. Enter your VPN4Safety account details - your User name and Password in the relevant fields. Tick the "Remember this password" box. Then connect to the VPN service by clicking on the "Connect" button. 



7.Click on "Close".


8. Left click on network icon in your system tray then right click on "VPN4Safety" (or whatever name you have given your L2TP Connection) and choose "Properties".


9.Click on the "Security" tab and choose the "Type of VPN" connection as "Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol With IPsec (L2TP)". Then click on the"OK" button.


10. Left click on the network icon on your desktop panel and click on the "Connect" button.


11. Check your VPN4Safety account user details and click on the "Connect" button.


12. Your connection has now been established.


13. You are now connected to a L2TP VPN4Safety server.

VPN2016-Standard Connection L2TP Instruction's Setup For Windows 7
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